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Instance might go down unexpectedly.. Just got kicked out from the house where this server box is physically located, and I have no idea if the manchild that kicked me out will unplug or destroy it. I'm making a database dump and backing it up for us at least.



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If you ever want to troll the fuck out of some really basic liberal men, look no further than the words "yes, all men"

Instance going down temporarily, switching to FreeBSD.

things still going aight. should be more active soon, sorry qts

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if ur a good girl and you know it clap your hands πŸ‘ [πŸ–Ό :imp_pwease:]​

@root why isn't there a moose emoji..

this is moosemisia

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hehe got to see all my partners today!! that's a first. happ

yay im so happy to have u here @sprite πŸ˜πŸ’œ

mm so bored and sleepy..

getting taken to get my nails done tho!!

@Prawnlegs oh so this is where your avi is from @loki ! 😍

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for um.. cute monsters!